Wave function collapse and the conscious observer effect

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Quantum mechanics talks about wave functions using complex equations that have described the probability wave function and the act of measuring making the probability wave collapse at one position and that is determined by the functional measurement. 

So what happens in the act of measurement when observation takes place? Consider the mathematics of the single observation. All observations made come down to the mathematics of 1 and -1 for the proton and the electron in the biology of ourselves. What if the energy used to make the measurement creates the observable universe so that the calculations performed by our own biology produce 1 and -1 in order to create a 0 when added together and then either +1 or -1 as the solution for the multiplication of the information. The quantum state of -1 and 1 therefore are generating the 0, which measure that the nothing is everything in balance. The two parts of the brain, each hemisphere, are comparing based on symmetry and therefore when symmetrical a zero state is obtained (the wave cancel out) and when -1 or +1 are produced there is a observable state other than zero. So the wave observed is either below or above the zero state. This thinking creates an alternative quantum mechanical understanding of the quantum waves in the subconscious mind based on symmetry and a numbering that is alternative to quark numbering.

If you consider the limitations of human sight with respect to timings (where 25 frames per second appear continuous and the resolution down to microns), then the conscious observer has certain limitations and the function of sight to collapse the wave function as the conscious observer the human being is functionally only able to collapse the quantum wave function based on the limitations of sight and what wavelengths are observer to the conscious mind.

The role of insight is to experience the physics of the human mind. To do that first you must understand the physics of your body. To have a knowledge of yourself. This is where quantum biology provides a language of how the physics is working in your biology and how to see that using your conscious mind. Once you embody that knowledge, you may get to experience your deeper inner workings of the subconscious mind and experience things that are just as real as your vision.

The inverted human retina, with rods and cones on the inside provide a context for inversion that is happening in biology compared to the physics within us. If we can see our dreams with our eyes closed then the retina pointed inwards makes sense to observe the light in our minds. I have a model that identifies the origin of these photons present in dreams based on my SUSY inversion model. This indicates that the collapse of the wave function is happening within and that the observer affect is how our conscious mind interacts with our subconscious mind. The subconscious happening faster and works using light and the conscious mind working via the neuron firing.

The evolution of the human eye occurred after the subconscious mind. The retina is the only part of the human brain outside of the skull. Therefore, our logical brain developed later than the early parts of the brain. Learning how to unpack the evolutionary processes that have created the human being requires some unique thinking and provides a deeper understanding of the physics happening within your body. The physics of light within your mind is the most consuming sense and provides an interesting way to navigate a persons health and well-being.

The double slit experiment appears therefore to be evident in our own biology. This feature of out conscious mind being the observer that collapses the wave function in our subconscious mind provides an alternative way to consider how brain waves are generated and the 85% water present in the brain gives a medium through which waves can be propagated. These are electromagnetic waves in water that can change the geometry of water itself. These interesting features of water structure and thought have been explored by others. 
Here is a product I make and its observation under the NanoSight using laser light. You can see the quantum physics happening and the interaction of the light waves in water generating diffraction patterns at a scale that corresponds to biological transmission of light within the subconscious mind and within our body. The Manuka honey product performs the same magical dance. This is how biology dances to the tune of light within us.