The now!

Einstein geometry in S orbital spheres

No time like the present. Cone of silence. To be connected to the timelessness of the now. Each person creates their own understanding of time. How can the past be understood as well as the future in a time reversal symmetry state where all time is happening all the time from the perspective of physics and how we can time travel using the power of our minds. Our minds light provides context for light based travel. I considered the depths of time from the beginning of time and the ability to consider what the universe looked like before time began. The singularity physics concepts that I have developed built from Einstein's geometry provide a deep connection to the start of the universe. I do not consider there to be a Big Bang. My model is based on alpha particle emission and the science I have developed from considering the functional role of energy not being able to be destroyed or created but only transformed provides context to thinking everything was present before the beginning but as a singularity. This big egg, sphere of light, also known as the Bose Einstein condensate of helium (He 4/2) and the 16 electrons all at the ground state provided a concept to unify all the forces of the universe in an isotropic state. This parallels our own creation and the universe we create within us from the fused egg and sperm. The doubling of which creates 2 cells. From 2 then 4. From 4 then 8. From 8 to 16 and from 16 to 32. From 32 to 64 and so on. 

The features of our own biology built from the physics of the universe based on inverted symmetry provides context for the mirror inverted symmetry within human biology and the symmetry we see in our bodies, where the left side is a mirror of the right side. I consider these features to come from the physics within hydrogen and S orbital geometries and how the universe as a beauty within itself to transform through a narrow pathway where every action results in an equal and opposite reaction. This provides context for the conservation of mass and charge. Personally, my thinking goes to the pin hole camera context of the nucleus of the atom and seeing that nothing actually exists in the nucleus other than the photons of light connecting the two sides of the mirror together. 

pin hole camcera

Outside of the box thinking is what I do. I consider all possibilities and play the mind puzzle to consider the outcome from each vantage point. The best solution I find is letting the universe be free to utilize its zero point energy field, which is just the point of balance and the photon landscape of inverted symmetry at atomic scale without interaction is the best approach to achieve a logical understanding of the universe. The implications of this model bypasses the limitations of quantum mechanics and the uncertaintany of ferminons in the standard model that cannot be located in the same place at the same energy level, whereas the photon light model of SUSY inversion follows the Boson Einstein statistics and enables co-locality, hence being able to use concepts of colocaty to provide time reversal symmetry into atomic geometry in order to understand the contextual atomic time codes of atomic isotopes and their half lives. The paradox of not measuring in Schrodinger's cat mind game is that the cat is both alive and dead and both are equally valid and only when a measurement is made is the answer obtained. 

All measurements are made through the human sensory systems. The mind game is then to understand the role of observation and the features of physics responsible for observation and the context of time that is relevant to those physiological functions associated with both the mind, consciousness, and the subconscious mind, light being what we see. Light having no mass and no charge. The features of the atomic systems coordinated to neurotransmitters and the function of the hydrogen added to the coordinated minerals. Seeing the flow of hydrogen into the atom as a way to create isotopes through quantum tunnelling from amine functional groups. The light show then being observed by the the neurological mind to create the observable information where six times as much information comes from the subconscious mind to the retina then from the external environment to the retina. The comparative analysis identifies differences and as observing motion is key to survival the para-magnetics (radical chemistry) that is faster than consciousness and part of the fight, flight, freeze system controls the chemical reactions to produce the biological outcome which then controls the physiological outcome.

The new science model that I have created over the past few years reveals the underlying potential physics mechanisms that evolved initially before the biological structures that we consider useful for vision occurred. Building biology from the basis of physics give insight into the inner workings of biology.

The new model SUSY inversion explains much more than we currently know and provides a plausible scientific rationale and explanation and alternative viewpoint of how the universe works based on the features of light or electromagnetism. Revealing this information provides my philosophical position with an understanding of the implications for life's spiritual journey. What path you choose is your choice. I can only provide the context of the scientific evidence that I have developed to support my knowledge and understanding of the very foundations of my reality and touch on the depths of knowledge that comes from seeking the truth from the point of intuition and not from a measured paradox that science operates within, which has only identified 5% of the universe and has failed to create a model to generate a model that predicts 100% of the universe. 

I have learned how to work with nature in a way, walking lightly to ensure that my footprint is light so that I can leave a positive outcome from what currently looks mistakenly like chaos. To step back and start all over again and draw on those who worked so hard to create what is observed, means I saw something that gave me an insightful opportunity to change the very foundations in order to bring order to the understanding of universal laws based on Newtonian physics into the atomic world. So the physics I apply into biology is more Newton-based and based on supersymmetry inversion aligning to inverse square law relationships at the atomic level and see the positron and electron pairs within atoms as photons without mass and charge and this is seen as the balance of opposites and returning the concepts of light into the model prior to the generation of an external physical world. This approach has been very productive and resulted in fundamental shift in my approach to doing things.

I look forward to the consequences of these actions and the ability of humanity to move forward collectively into a unity where science and spiritual practice no matter what that is on a personal level is accepted. Time will tell as it always does. Speaking of time. There are two situations where time is not important. One, travelling at the speed of light. Two, at the Planck Epoch. My light based model at the Planck Epoch creates a timeless, massless and charge free zero field environment, that enables a deeper connection to be made with oneself in the universe.