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Are you interested in Quantum Biology?

Quantum biology is the study of quantum physics in biology. It is the weird world of the very small that happens to make up the universe that we live in where the very act of measuring creates the world that is observed and where the quantum universe is able to transfer information faster than light.

The question I have for you is can a human being experience quantum tunneling? There are a number of phenomena that occur within the human being that are difficult to explain given the current set of physical rules that science has derived at. However, my own personal experience has been difficult for most to understand so I have had to throw away the old and create a new model and understanding that includes aspects of human understanding that goes beyond what is currently known in science and create something that as it turns out matches with knowledge that is much older and aligned with ancient knowledge which is more intuitive and comes from a personal lived experience that I think people will understand.

If you want to gain some insight and wisdom then please watch the following video.


Here is someone's take on quantum entanglement, which is not how I see how the universe works. My take includes the human biology of our sensory system as well as our subconscious mind using the SUSY inversion model and unified field theory as this provides the answers of how the universe works within us down to the Plank length.

The model I developed has far reaching consequences as it includes human conscious and the subconscious mind and the interaction of these two systems that integrate to create our perception of time and 3D reality.

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