Big brain - Nootropic properties (brain health) of honey and the mind health benefits of OH BEE HAVE empowering healing - OH BEE HAVE empowering healing

Big brain - Nootropic properties (brain health) of honey and the mind health benefits of OH BEE HAVE empowering healing

Others talk about the brain benefits of honey and the science supporting this. I have gone one step further and having developed a product from Manuka honey by isolating the active ingredient, the protein fraction, containing royal jelly proteins and apisimin, phenolic (antioxidant) and mineral complexes, put these into a spray bottle and used natures deepest secrets to produce a remarkable product that restore health and well-being by restoring physics into the human body. 

How I did this is based on an an understanding of both biology and physics. Joining the dots together and understanding the role certain components in Manuka honey at performing their magic. Photo-fenton chemistry and the generation of high energy short lived electrons. These species are made by the interaction of individual minerals with the ring structures of the antioxidants. Manuka honey with its high content of antioxidants, mineral iron (Fe) and the proteins produces the perfect conditions to generate the magic. The magic of regeneration by producing OH*. This highly reactive compound breaks down the old cells in your body to allow new cells to be produced. A natural part of our apoptosis system and this process allows the body to naturally recycle itself. 

So how does this system support brain function? Understanding that the structure of the phenolic mineral complex which binds to the ring structure provides the perfect environment for the single atom of the mineral to do the photo-electric effect, photo-fenton chemistry, and physics to built atomic structures in atoms by putting hydrogen into the atom. These are all of the functions of your own neurotransmitters in your brain and are part of the human subconscious mind. The ring structure of dopamine and serotonin do the same job as the antioxidants in Manuka honey and the product I make OH BEE HAVE empowering healing. So the monoatomic minerals in our minds perform physics in our minds and it is there ability to do this that allows us to see.

The electrons in these single (monoatomic) atoms do the photoelectric effect. They interact with light to jump from one position to another. When they do this movement they absorb light and then release light again that matches visible wavelengths of light that the human retina can see (400 to 700 nm). So the physics happening in OH BEE HAVE empowering healing is the same physics as monoatomic minerals in your subconscious mind and helps with mental clarity. The lack of this physics that generates OH* molecules means your cells will accumulate damage and this leads to loss of mental clarity.

How does loss of mental clarity occur? 

Well you need to understand that electrons alight to the right hand rule of electronmagnetism which provides a geometric framework of x,y,z in the body and in the mind. If electrons do this then the chemistry and biology are also doing this as this is the most energy efficient way our biology can work efficiently. So the loss of correct alignment to the right hand rule of electromagnetism means that the body at the atomic level is no longer correctly aligned and this alters the function of physics in your body. Like cooking an egg, it goes from clear to white which changes the properties and ability of light to travel through the egg white. The denaturing of the proteins lead to loss of correct alignment. So by restoring the physics of the right hand rule of electromagnetism in your body by using OH BEE HAVE empowering healing then you can restore your health by removing the damaged proteins which are incorrectly aligned. The atomic balancing of minerals in the mind is what happens during sleep.

Monoatomic stability and sleep.

During the day you atoms in your subconscious mind become asymmetric as the hydrogen is added to the monoatomic minerals and this creates an imbalance in the number of protons and neutrons in the atom. These isotopes, or unstable forms of atoms, provide the light of our dreams when we sleep at night. They have known hlaf lives or the time it takes for the atom to change its structure in order to produce an identical number of protons and neutrons. When the numbers are equal the atom is stable. When the numbers are not equal the atoms changes given a sufficient length of time and this is called a decay process. This is natural and how memory is stored in the body. The atoms release light during the decay process to return back to a state of symmetry within the monoatomic. So the faster the balance is restored the shorter amount of sleep is needed. So the purpose of sleep is to restore balance in the atoms of your subconscious mind. This requires that the observer is not present, hence sleep. The light released from the atom decay process is captured by the human retina (pointed inwards) and this allows one to see your dreams at night.

If you fail to get sleep over a number of days the decay processes start to happen faster and faster as the monoatomic minerals accumulate inbalance and the person starts to loose their mind. A massive decay process can lead to considerable shifts in the persons perception of reality as more and more of the subconscious minds physics starts taking over and visions start to occur. This is considered as mental illness by western science but considered as a spiritual experience by indigenous cultures. Understanding that based on the safety of the environment that the person is in whilst having such visions and the context of set and setting we can feel safe or we can feel unsafe. Having safe environments is important.

OH BEE HAVE empowering healing gave me an understanding of how it was working with the same physics as the human subconscious mind because of the vision that I had and this provided a deeper understanding of my own minds biochemistry and physics and therefore allowed my to develop the technological innovations to support the physics of the human subconscious mind allowing people to support the healing of trauma and restore health and vitaliy through the benefits of mental clarity. 

I am wanting to test my product for its benefits in treating people who have brain fog, mental well-being issues, and dementia and Alzheimer's disease. If you know anyone who would like to try and improve their mental well-being let me know and I would be interested in helping them restore their well-being through the use of my product.

How is water involved?

The role of water in the brain has not been understood. The brain is 85% water. Water has structure based on the energy that is present in the local environment. So the minerals in our minds change the shape of water. Water is both OH- and H3O+. The hydrogen in water has an important role to play in changing the minerals in our minds. The amines can have either NH2 or NH3+ forms which means depending on the pH of the local environment it can occur as either form. The hydrogen can then be added into the monoatomic mineral forming the unstable isotope as the hydrogen forms the new neutron. So there is a direct link between water and minerals of the human subconscious mind. This physics of symmetry that I have been developing provides an understanding of how hydrogen is added to the atoms in the mind. 

There are 4 electrons in hydrogen and in its super symmetry inversion model they are in an inverted symmetry. This provides the ability of the atom to receive hydrogen through a tunnelling process allowing the formation of the neutron. Adding hydrogen to the atom in this process is a functional short term memory system which we know is linked to water in the brain as short term memory is directly affected by the level of brain hydration. Having developed these new concepts and models based on physics of the human subconscious mind, I have developed technological solutions (My topical High Energy Skin Foods), new brand EM-Foods which is a light based super food to support the subconscious minds physics. If you are interested in supporting your subconscious minds physics and restoring mental clarity I suggest you give my product a go. It has certainly helped with my own mental performance and well-being. The science is revolutionary and way beyond what others are currently doing. Get ahead of the game and restore your health and well-being.

A five-year research was conducted from 2003 to 2008 by the University of Babylon, College of Medicine, Iraq to find out the benefits of honey in preventing cognitive decline and dementia. A total of 2893 subjects, all aged 65 and older were randomly selected and studied - 2290 healthy subjects and 603 subjects with some mild cognitive decline but not demented. In the study, about half of the subjects consumed a daily dose of honey, whereas the other half received only placebo. The findings at the end of 2008 were astonishing. Altogether 489 subjects developed dementia; and amongst these, 394 were from the group which took placebo, only 95 were from the group that consumed honey. The result difference in the two groups was statistically significant (P-value <0.05). The researchers of this study concluded that those who ate honey daily were less likely to develop dementia. They believed that honey possessed natural antioxidant and therapeutic properties that were able to prevent cognitive decline and dementia and enhance the brain's cholinergic system and circulation.

Studies have shown that the polyphenol properties of honey can counter oxidative stress, restore our cellular antioxidant defense system and hence is helpful in improving memory deficits. (Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Volume 2014). For instance, an Argentinian study on the chemical composition of honey found that honey helped in building and developing the central nervous system of children and could reduce anxiety, improve memory and learning, and enhance their intellectual performance later in life (Journal of the Argentine Chemical Society, Vol. 96, no. 2, 2008).

As females age, they become vulnerable to the decline of estrogen in their body, which has an adverse cognitive impact on verbal learning and memory. In 2011, a 16-week experiment conducted by Universiti Sains Malaysia found that post-menopausal women who received honey showed improvements in their concentration and immediate memory power. (Menopause: The Journal of The North American Menopause Society, Vol. 18, 2011).


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