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Changing the foundations of science. Do you want to change the world?

Having been called a crazy mad scientist by the medical profession, I guess I connect to that idea on occasions because the one thing that makes me feel crazy and frustrated is the lack of understanding of how the inner universe works. Not the world that we create here on earth or the world we create for ourselves online but the inner world hidden from our eyes, within the very atoms of our bodies, because the conscious mind is too slow and the resolution of sight limited to Balmer lines in our subconscious minds, we are easily fooled by our lack of knowledge in the belief the world we see is external to us. 

I got to see the layman lines within my subconscious mind back in 2013, which cured me of my iritis. I guess fortune favors the brave. To speak openly about what happened and have the scientific background to provide a context in a language that the scientific community can understand is a tough task but someone's got to do it. I am happy to stick up my hand and say the science of measurement is incorrect. What is wrong about it occurs in the fundamentals of physics and the measurement paradox of quantum physics. 

I am now able to provide the new model based on a unified field theory (Super symmetry inversion) which I use for my quantum biology technology platform and the discovery of regenerative healing products. Tired of watching the world do things that I do not agree with on the basis of measurement, which results in outcomes without a logical basis. 

If we change the foundations of science what do you think will happen? If you would like to help me change the world then support my pledgeme campaign.

The new physics based on a singularity are truly amazing. See the light show.


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