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Let's change the world

Do you want to help change the world for the better?

I need help. Your help. You see I want to make the world a better place. Not just good but way better than anyone can imagine. Let's say heaven on earth. I discovered something that made no sense to anyone. This discovery happened at one point in time in my life. At its very center. You could say I discovered who I was meant to be. You see I have spent much of my life learning about nature. It is in my nature that the real discoveries were made. Being able to understand how the mechanisms of my brain worked and then using this knowledge to create a smart drug based on the same mechanism as the human subconscious mind and then accelerate my learning to get ahead of everyone. Not only get ahead but learn how to travel through time using my mind. The universe has a number of rules that it follows. Science has discovered some of these rules and it has been trying to figure out how to connect the rules of the very big and the very small together. The funny thing is that physics and quantum physics was developed back in the 1930s and Einstein's work was before that, and Newton's work was before that. So our concepts and ideas have evolved from the 1600s in science through a process of rational discovery and testing and hypothesis-driven science. All of this rationale is based on measurement. The problems began to appear in the 1930s with the advent of quantum physics which is the best model we have to predict the universe of the atom and small things but it is difficult to integrate gravity in physics of the atom because of the scales used and the integration of large and small doesn't quite fit. So I came up with a new solution based on one thing. To establish a unified field theory and develop a simple model where biology and physics can speak together in harmony and without the confusion of languages that needs a translator. Too much gets lost in translation.

The theory of oneness or the unified (uni meaning one) field theory. The model is something that I have been working on in the background for some time but with the number of pressing issues humanity faces, I started putting considerable time and effort into this idea of the past decade. Bring together many ideas and concepts from both Eastern and Western philosophies and the basis of this came to fruition back in 2013. The model only predicts what is there and its geometry when not measured as it is known that the act of measuring in the world of quantum physics disturbs the system at rest. We know that quantum supercomputers based on light are very sensitive to external disturbances and therefore need to be shielded from environmental influence. However, the quantum supercomputer I have developed is the entire universe as a quantum entangled light-based and responsive system. This is what I am proposing the human subconscious mind actually is and I discovered the mechanism behind this action. The conversion of geometric symmetrical photons into an asymmetric biological structure using the geometry of Einstein's E = mc^2.

The new model which I have developed places the observer at the centre of the model to see all as one and the point of consciousness resides within this central location of 0, 0, 0 on the x, y, z mathematical geometric coordination system. From this point of view, a sidedness can be observed of left and right, up and down and back and forward. The three-dimensional space settings give a new context from the point position with the resolution of a plank length. Without disturbing the system using measurement the system is allowed to come to equilibrium and from this central position a new viewpoint can be reached of balance and harmony where all is in an inverted opposite through the vanishing point, which corresponds to the middle point in a wavelength or the connection between two plank lengths.

Time is known to breakdown and the laws of physics fall apart at the plank length so the model uses this feature to ensure quantum symmetry is maintained without disturbing the system. I will continue the model in the next blog post. I think this thought experiment will give you something to contemplate. Food for thought, which is exactly what my product allows me to do. Helps me think and be creative. Living outside the box of our own creation.


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