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What is SUSY inversion model and unified field theory?

What is it and why is it important? The unified field theory is a theory of everything described in a simple way to explain how all of the forces of nature and all the cosmological constants (26 of them) into a simple mathematical form. This was something that Einstein tried to do but never achieved.

As biochemistry is the study of the chemistry of biological organisms and as physics is the basis for chemistry the importance of grand unified field theory has some major implications when we consider human health and well-being. Science only knows what 5% of the universe is. Physics identified 68% dark energy and 27% dark matter but the actual identity of these two components is unknown at present. So no wonder the world is in such a mess when science only knows what 5% is and most of that appears to be just space.

Back in 2013, I had an experience that was not of this world, and being a scientist I had to use that experience and formulate a new model that explained that observation. I did that and developed a new scientific model. This new model forms the basis of my quantum biology technology platform and unified field theory based on supersymmetry inversion. This model has formed the basis of my unified field theory.

If you are interested in the SUSY inversion model, I suggest you read about my model on my website.

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