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You are what you eat!

Have you ever considered what you are eating? Food right? Well, your body makes energy from food. What is energy? The biochemist would say ATP is stored energy in our cells. The image of ATP provides some context on how energy is stored in your body. It is stored in bonds between atoms, which is the sharing of electrons. So what is your food made of? Electrons. So how do we get energy from food? By breaking bonds between atoms that occur in food, which releases the stored energy in the structure of a molecule.

So if our enzymes in our body are making and breaking bonds to obtain energy then understanding how the bonds in food work are critical for understanding how our bodies obtain energy.


 So what is a bond? A shared pair of electrons where they are somehow joined by fundamental forces of nature that hold them together. What forces? Well, if electrons are negative as in the standard model of physics, then the two negative electrons should in theory repel each other. If logic prevails in science then we need to explain why two negatively charged fundamental particles are able to remain in a bond! I have a very simple answer to this problem and that is electrons are both positively charged and negatively charged. Having both a positive end and a negative end to an electron provides a simple way of understanding how charges that are opposite each other can be attractive to each other over distance. This attractive force is known as Ke and is part of Columbus law. The electrons are therefore able to be separated by a distance and the opposite charges are mirrored through a vanishing point so that the midpoint corresponds to 1/2 which provides the basis of the inverse square law, which is the basis for a universal language that the universe uses.

This approach resolves the flaws in the scientific model and provides the concept of a photon of light as a wavelength that also corresponds to a bond length within a molecule.

Now we are able to understand the concept of sunlight being trapped in an atom as a bond and breaking and making bonds is really all about wavelengths of light. Each bond has some energy based on its length which means kilojoules / mol can be used and related to bonds in our food.

So what are you eating? Light from the sun in the form of atoms that have bonds that are paired electrons or photons of light. I know this must seem strange to some but if you explore the science of food and energy then you start to understand that your energy comes from the sun.

I will continue with the story of the food revolution that is happening and explain why using the skin as a consumer of food in the form of light is important and you need to consider what you are putting not only into your body but onto your body.

Take care and enjoy learning how to be well.


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