Dark energy identification

dark energy
The model that I have developed is based on one simple change to the Standard model of physics for biology. Change the quark charge calculations for Up and Down quarks and make those charges consistent with the charges of electrons and positrons.

Why do this? If you use +1 and -1 for the quark charge calculations in biology you can generate a model that has a balance of opposites within the structure of the atom itself. This gives an approach to look at why certain atoms are stable (overall charge is zero) and why certain atoms are unstable (isotopes) that decay to stable atoms.

If we keep the conservation of charge (CPT), then we must revise all of science. A big can of worms. However, without revision we remain ignorant of the identity of dark energy and dark matter. 

Here is how to proceed and unlock the understanding of the identity of dark energy. With the revision of the quark charge calculations (+1 and -1), the revision makes neutrons have a -1 charge. To make it equivalent to the neutron of the standard model e.g. zero charge we must add in a positron for each neutron present within the atom. Doing this means we have a bigger neutron than the proton because it contains a positron. Go look at the mass difference between the proton and neutron. Neutrons are bigger.

Why are neutrons bigger than protons? I have already given you the answer. They are bigger because the positron is present within the structure of the neutron. In doing so I have created a different atomic structure and revealed a stable state within the atom based on a balance of opposites of positrons and neutrons. This model that is biologically relevant and it provides the basis for the helium atom containing 16 electrons per atom as a Bose Einstein condensate. If all electrons are at the ground state then we can contemplate that there is no contrast, all the electrons are identical. This aspect of the He-BEC model provides a large singularity where all the energy in the universe was already present at the beginning of time but as the He-BEC is destroyed through measurement we cannot see it because it has turned into the universe that we see 13.8 billion years later. Here is how it happened.

I suggest that alpha particles are emitted from each atom of helium in the original Bose Einstein condensate. This means that the alpha particle is dark energy. This is 12 electrons in total out of the 16 electrons per helium atom in the He-BEC model. It is released at ten times faster than the speed of light. This is due to the atomic decay process and binding kinetics related to the proximity of each electron to the other electrons in the He-BEC (God particle), also known as the singularity before the beginning of time. The distance was 4E-14 meters. Look up the average distance of electrons in a helium Bose Einstein Condensate.

The discovery I made back in 2013 was obtained through experiencing my own alpha particle emission within my memory system (isotope based memory) that resulted in the release of light from the atom at a speed that is two point five times faster than the speed of light. Crazy as that sounds it was a very profound experience that healed me from the trauma of my past. As an 11 year old child my mother died. Her death was not explained to me. I found out 36 years later that she had had an injection of depo provera. This is what made my mother take her life. See what they say in New Zealand family planning. They say..


"The research does not show that the injection causes any change in mood, libido or headaches."

Here is what someone else has said about taking depo provera.
It has been one year since I first posted about my “positive” experience receiving my first AND LAST depo shot. I’ve been following these comments religiously and they have been very helpful. Thank you. Here’s how it went for me: Depo Provera was the WORST thing I ever did to my body.

So how can family planning New Zealand say it has no side effects. I suspect that they will never own up to how many people they have killed with this drug through suicide. This is a constant battle. Money versus life. 

After 36 years, when I was 47 I was told by my aunty that this was given to my mother and likely to be what caused her to take her life. My personal healing journey as a scientist that develops regenerative medicine technologies that help people get there life back after trauma, it was all revealed in a spiritual healing at church back in 2013.

What did I see? A two meter tall golden sphere of light in front of me.
Atomic light within
The sphere of golden light resides within all of us. Can we see it normally. No. Do we no it's there no.

How come we cannot see the golden sphere of light within us? This is a little complicated. However, think of the centre of the atom containing the nucleus. I got to see the nucleus of the atom with my own eyes. 
Quite a confronting experience to see this in front of you at church. It was not hot. It was blissful, calming and overwhelmingly beautiful. I felt at peace and energised by the experience.

So what actually happened? First of all you have to get your head around the idea that atoms store memory in the form of light within their electromagnetic fields (one of the atomic forces within the atom). This light is housed within the atom and it is located in the ring structure (hexagon) of the neurotransmitters. This light can be released from the atom during the atomic decay process. So I experienced the atomic decay of a particular atom that revealed this image, due to the amount of energy it released, that's what I experienced back in 2013. The atom I have identified was Hf 72/36, it is known as Hafnium. 
Hf 72/36
Here are the details from www.ptable.com. The calculations are as follows. The assumption is this is my midlife crisis experience and the centre of my life in 2013, when I was 41 years of age. So in 2013 to see 43 years ahead to an NDE (near death experience) would give the year 2055. This will be when I am aged 84. The significance of numbers is fascinating and it has revealed a lot about the inner workings of my mind at an atomic level in the isotope physics processes operating through atomic clocks based on half-lives. The only reason why I share this information is to provide context for the scientific model that I have developed, which was my attempt using Western science terminology to integrate the experience of spiritual healing into the context of mechanism in biology through reductionist physics that is known rather than quantum mechanics and the role atoms and light have in the experience of reality within the mind. Here are some interesting aspects of the numbers. Mum was 36 when she took her life. I was 11. It took 36 years until I was 47, until I was told by my aunty that mum had had depo provera and I put two and two together. The healing experience made me whole again. After being traumatized as an 11 year old child, I had to block out the loss of my mother as it was too painful and I blocked out that pain to carry on with life. This has obviously impacted my later life in a profound way. The interesting aspect of memory is that it needs to be healed from trauma. Otherwise repeating patterns occur in intergenerational traumas handed down from parents to children. How do I know this. First hand experience. It was healing for me but traumatic for my family.

My birthday is 18/04/1972. My numbers gave me some insights to the atomic nature of the life's journey. When mum died at 36 and I was 11. 36 is double 18 and half of 72. Why these processes happened the way the did, where I had no control over the physics of the atomic decay process within my mind means the mania experienced in bipolar, which I was labelled with, was really the atomic decay of Hf 72/36 to release the trauma of mum's suicide. It all occurred according with a cosmic atomic relationship. The fundamentals of science broke down for me when I experienced the spiritual healing at church. I use science to reconcile the experience into a new solid foundation. Hence the He 4/2 isotropic universe and the model that I have developed for negative time dilation in relation to atomic decay and release of memory from the atoms (isotopes) housed in the mind, connected through coordination chemistry to the aromatic ring system of my neurotransmitters.

1/0.023 (s) = 43.47826 years (1/half-life (s) = Time (years))
7.952876 MeV = 1.2742E-15 kJ
The velocity in KJ/mol = 7.67E+8 this 2.56 times faster than light.

This is the escape velocity from the singularity (nucleus) of the atom Hf 72/36 that I experienced. It gave me visions of the future which where deemed to be a mental health crisis by psychiatry. However, the evidence that I have developed for the logical operating system of the mind, in terms of atomic isotope physics, provides a rationale understanding of the electromagnetic fields within atoms as the stored light of memory. This new science has a robustness and logic basis on the formation of isotopes through hydrogen's quantum tunnelling properties. I have revised the quark charges to allow me to understand the geometry of the cross within the structure of the atom of hydrogen and how this plays an important role in its ability to quantum tunnel. Having had first hand experience of atomic decay and the healing that it provided me. I have had to go and build a new science model for memory and isotope physics based memory recall through hydrogen biology.

The product I have developed from Manuka honey has the ability to release trauma.

How does it release trauma and help people to heal? The memory is locked into the aromatic ring structure of the neurotransmitter by coordination chemistry. Only hydrogen can be added to the atom from the amine NH3+ and there is a specific relationship to the tunnelling properties and Christ's Passion that I also discuss on my website.

Why? Only hydrogen is capable of quantum tunnelling into the ring structure. This isotope physics system is operational in our biology and connected to consciousness, where the light generated in isotope decay is released from the atom and received by the PUFAs in the neuron membrane to trigger a cis/ trans isomerisation in order to give a visible connection between the subconscious mind (outside of neurons) and the conscious mind (neurologically based).

Quantum properties of hydrogen? The atom hydrogen has a special place in biology. It can be two photons of light when in a cross based geometry and this provides context for hydrogen having no mass and no charge. Without mass or charge, hydrogen has the ability to quantum tunnel. The atomic system in operation in biology is the light conversion into atomic structure through the quantum tunnelling and entanglement process connected to the functional role of neurotransmitters and this gives geometric features of hydrogen in the cross-based geometry an important role to play in biology.

It is the isotope physics competent form of hydrogen that is necessary for memory function and cognitive performance. The product I make from Manuka honey generates hydroxyl radicals through photo-Fenton chemistry and this high energy short lived radical is key to opening up the aromatic ring of the neurotransmitter that houses the isotope (single atom memory system) and as it broke open the ring structure that housed Hf 72/36 something magical happened back in 2013. I got to witness the atomic light within the mind. A golden sphere of light within. Being in the presence of that light was transformational. 

The alpha particle decay as the atom was released produced light in my mind having an energy of 7.952876 MeV, which was what transformed me and healed me of my past trauma.

How long did it take to grow that atom through hydrogen quantum tunnelling and entanglement processes? It took from 11 to 31 so 30 years from the properties of light, hydrogen as two photons to grow the atom Hf72/36. This gives context for hydrogen transmutation of single atoms in isotope formation within the memory system of the mind. I hope this can help people to understand how the mechanisms of light within the structure of atoms is important in terms of memory formation and memory recall. We must move beyond the limitations of measurement in science because the isotope generating system is sensitive to interaction. If you measure it you will prevent it from happening/

During the day hydrogen goes in to create the isotope. At night when the conscious observer is not looking, the environment is conducive to isotope decay and the release of light from the atom to stabilize it back into a zero charge state through the atomic decay process. The energy is used in healing and regeneration and the light observed is seen in our dreams. 

The model developed has identified the quantum niche in memory within the aromatic ring of the neurotransmitter. This specific locality gives a quantumly competent environment for storing light within atoms. The only way I got to reveal this was to experience it for myself using my product that I have developed. Find your light within you. Take NaNos for your inward journey to heal from trauma and get your life back on track.

To come back full circle. The alpha decay experience that I had gave me insight to time as the atomic clocks within the mind operating through the isotope decay half-life processes are functional in memory recall. Sometimes you have to walk the journey that you have already seen in your life, when everything is revealed there is no escaping from the truth and as they say the truth shall set you free. My freedom came from being diagnosed mentally unwell. However, I disagree with the scientific model of the standard model of physics. I disagree with the Big Bang concept. My SUSY inversion model and unified field theory provides context for a helium Bose Einstein condensate and alpha particle emission (dark energy). Yes, this is a complete rewrite of science but if my model comes to light then it will be accepted in about 30 years or so. That is typically the time it takes for the mainstream to finally get their heads around the profound shift away from the physical external illusion understood by Western science. My model gives context for the light memory system observed within the mind with our inverted retina looking inward.

It explains the origin of the universe. It explains dark matter and dark energy. It explains the Planck scale. It explains the speed of light and the faster than light speeds obtained by atomic decay processes and the expansion phase of the universe as the negative time dilation. It also explains the James Webb images of young galaxies 13.5 billion light years away as the alpha particles decay (dark energy) with the mirror symmetry decay of the Planck particles (dark matter), we get an attractive force through the original entanglement of the 16 electrons in the helium Bose Einstein condensate. The atomic decay system in the universe is one potential source of gravity the attraction to the centre. Stay centred and connect to your light. From this inner source of Love and Creation we can bee as one.