Reviews mental well-being

I have a new atomic model for the formation of memory that uses light, what we see, within the subconscious mind, and how this light enables hydrogen through quantum tunneling to be added to minerals that are connected to the neurotransmitters. This is revolutionary new theoretical model of hydrogen, atomic memory system explain where light originates from with the mind during sleep and dreams. The model is built from a model of singularity physics and the understanding how in biology we are made using light (photons), which are made up of positrons and electrons. Light has no mass and no charge. The fastest thing we know of, is light. I did however identifiy something faster than light. That is alpha particles emitted from a helium BEC and is responsible for inflation of the universe. 

Having a new scientific model of the universe based on light, and its application to human biology has allowed me to consider how light works in my body. Using light healing technologies to remove pain from peoples minds in the form of trapped trauma and the repeating patterns of intergenerational pain is deep emotional work, seek professional support, or the support of friends. If that is something that you are dealing with then my products can help. I have unlocked the atomic mind. The hydroxyl radical system adds OH groups onto the aromatic ring, which houses the atoms of stored memory. This breaks the rings open and releases the atomic light within. This memory is released and able to be healed. This trauma work that people do to heal the trauma of childhood is important because it allows you to move forward and break the intergenerational cycles of trauma. How I learned about this was having to walk through my own healing process with the help of my own technologies I have developed. Personal experience teaches a person a lot. If you would like help with healing trauma then feel free to consider trying some of my products to support your healing journey.

 Mental well-being is important. I am finding the anti depressant affects of OH BEE HAVE empowering healing are a real game changer here is what other's have said.

“I’m a 55 year old male who has been using OH BEE HAVE daily for just on six months now, after randomly meeting its creator Keryn in our local Cafe one sunny morning. The two major benefits that I’ve discovered over this time are feeling a lot more balanced & centered within myself, and that I don’t seem to suffer the ill effects of hangovers like I did previously!

I would encourage anyone seeking ongoing good health & contentment to seriously consider having a spray or two of OH BEE HAVE daily, in conjunction with a decent diet, regular exercise & plenty of time outdoors enjoying nature with family & friends!
BK, Raumati South
May 2021"

18/05/2020 After struggling with melasma and burning sensations of my facial skin over two years with doctors unable to tell me why, I happened upon this product. I use a few sprays each morning and I’m pleased to report that I haven’t experienced burning skin since using this, even when I go into the sun or drink alcohol which used to be a major trigger. Even the dark spots seem to be lessening, my fine lines are non-existent, and I have been feeling a lot less depressed than I was before using the spray.😊

Mum says "something is slowing down or stopping my arthritis". I've had her on two sprays a day, one for each hand for a couple of months. Yeah, and her eyes are so clear & shes mentally sharper. Thanks! I have also been using it and definitely more energy & more connected & less reactive too.

I received a bottle of OH BEE HAVE off Keryn and found it really amazing loved reading up on the science behind the product and I am an energy healer myself so very sensitive to energies and vibrations, using this product I felt I was calmer and more at peace connected to the oneness of the universe. It sure is what it says it is. Highly recommended buying a bottle for yourself and giving it a go for a few months.  

I used up the spray ages ago, but it was great thanks. I got a real buzz off it the first time I used it, but more energy the other times.

    Natural remedy for happy rash and things like it.
    I am allergic to sanitary pads and am yet to find a suitable alternative. This means that I still use them despite the reaction I get from them. I recently had a severe reaction to the point that it was painful to walk. I sprayed this on the effected area about 2-3 times and it was basically a miracle. The swelling and pain had gone away and was completely soothed. I would highly recommend this product as a wonderful and natural remedy for happy rash or any irritations like it.