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Quantum Technologies Ltd

Good for relief USA

Good for relief USA

HOW TO USE: Shake the bottle gently and then remove cap and spray topically on the skin. Massage in. Let the royal jelly proteins do their magic. Use as and when needed.

WHAT's in the bottle: Royal jelly proteins are isolated using a patent protected process to produce a natural spray containing greater than 1 billion proteins / mL. The recovered proteins are small (10 nm in size). High purity water is the other ingredient.

The dose delivered is approximately 1 mL every 6 sprays. 50mL 1 month & 100mL 3 months supply

Independent scientific analysis with over 1 billion proteins /mL (proposed INCI name: MEL-RJPI). Proteins may occur in the nm range

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Good for obtaining relief

A natural way to obtain relief using a topical spray of royal jelly proteins.

Good for headaches + muscle aches and pains + joint pains

The ability to turn off pain is magic.

To see how this works and to see a smile on a person's face as the pain just disappears is priceless. Good for headaches, period pain, toothache, joint pain, and muscle aches. A one-of-a-kind, patent protected, revolutionary healing technology to support the natural healing processes within your body.  It's time to feel great and stop the suffering. The pain relief properties are truly magical. Support your body's ability to heal itself using the power of nature.


Here is what others have said about using the product.

Regarding your bee have headache and muscle pain spray, bloody hell I can’t believe it works. . . It is especially good on my burning neck muscles (whiplash injury) and the girls reckon it’s great for their sore muscles. Love it.

I gave a bottle of the headache, muscle and joint spray to my 91-year-old mother who has had chronic neck pain. She felt instant relief. She is applying it daily and said that her neck movement is increasing daily. Betty Bryson


Linda Schofield 

Oh Bee Have certainly helps my body, mind and spirit to behave! I am sure I broke my little toe during the government lockdown and for two weeks hobbled about using arnica and other natural products. I remembered that I had a sample of the headache, muscle and joint spray. When I sprayed it on my toe and foot, I felt immediate relief and could walk normally again. I highly recommend this product. 

Thank you Keryn so much, I have all of your sprays and feel the difference to my wellbeing. I also really appreciate the time you take to explain the products and guide me when I am helping family and friends. My brother-in-law has Parkinson's and I sprayed his big toe as it was achy, he did not notice his toe at all for the rest of the evening.

I recently purchased three of your products and have been mostly enjoying the one for pain.  I'm 66 years old with knee issues so have found the joint pain has lessened to the level that I've not needed to use it very often.  This is a wonderful product and I have watched both interviews with you and Doctor Ana which helps me further to understand to some degree, the beautiful and magical quantum physics behind this Manuka honey product.  I will promote and share my experience with others.



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