Dark matter identification

Dark matter and dark energy
Physicists have been looking for dark matter for a long time, since the 1930's because the current theories (Standard Model of Physics) cannot identify dark matter, I have created a new scientific model that uses logic to identify dark matter and this is outlined in this post.
He-BEC model
The He-BEC model (Helium Bose Einstein Condensate) provides a context for the God particle. It is a singularity that created the universe and produces both alpha particles (dark energy) emitted outward (12 electrons) as two protons and two neutrons. And two positrons and two electrons travel inward from 4E-14 meters apart to 1.6E-35 meters apart as the Planck length dark matter particle.
The distance travelled after 13.8 billion years is 4E-22 meters and this number is obtained by understanding the distance between the starting point and ending point with respect to the distance between the electrons in the He-BEC and at the Planck epoch which is relevant today and not 13.8 billion years ago.
If you consider the sided nature of the model where the square root of the speed of light x the time in seconds gives an equivalent inverted symmetry distance as  4E-22 (1/4E-22 = 2.47E+21) compared to 7.55131E+21 meters, which is the square root of c x time in seconds. This is in the right order of magnitude but I have not taken into account the expansionary nature of the universe which I think accounts for the difference and that relates to the decay rate based on the Hubble constant. Previously I have included that calculation in the alpha particle emission and this equates to the background energy calculations performed that identify 1E-120. Based on calculations outlined in the Physics of life.
By understanding how the Planck length is generated and how this creates a dark matter particle then we can understand how to utilise dark matter and dark energy in our society in the utilisation of energy from the vacuum energy present all around us.
The separation of a quantum helium fluid into He 3/2 and H 1/0 is proposed in the following diagram which gives the 3:1 ratio of dark energy and dark matter at commencement of the universe through alpha particle emission.
Dark matter generates anti-matter (anti-hydrogen)
The SUSY inversion model creates the features of dark matter and dark energy through the process of alpha particle emission from helium Bose Einstein condensate. The isotropic homogeneity of He-BEC produces the cosmic microwave background radiation.  The generation of He 3/2 and H 1/0 is proposed in the decay process. The recent James Webb imagery of 13.5 billion years ago creates an understanding of the universe as it is being created through alpha particle decay to generate the formation of new galaxies. They are not old as expected but new, which provides context for the alpha particle decay and the phenomenon of alpha particle emission from the Helium Bose Einstein condensate is what I proposed created the universe to begin with. Now this is in alignment with God, He the Father, a He as in Helium Bose Einstein condensate. This may upset many people considering the implications of the science model having lost sight of the dark matter and dark energy (95%) of the universe which is responsible for the continued expansion of the universe as well as the observation of newly formed galaxies at the outer limit of the universe. They are not old as expected but newly formed from alpha particle decay. 

He 3/2 is apparently stable. The H1/0 I have not found information on anti-hydrogen but I know it can be produced at CERN and it is expensive. The model is predictive of the generation of other unstable elements also as the alpha particle can decay and interact with other features of the universe. The alpha particle is He 4/2 the nucleus of helium without the positrons and electrons.
Having created the revision to the neutron quark charge calculations to make the numbering consistent with electron and positron pairing within the He-BEC. We must remember that the He-BEC has no charges, or mass due to the superconducting properties of the quantum fluid. Therefore, both charge and mass are functions of the motion created in the quantum fluid on the release of alpha particles and the inward trajectory of the positron electron pairings in the formation of the Planck particle which is 21 micrograms in mass and accounts for the majority of the mass in the universe as the dark matter particle. This is both overall neutral and large and is comprised of 4 electrons originating from the helium Bose Einstein condensate. The singularity before the beginning. I have also mentioned the motion of alpha particles from the He-BEC is based on the KJ/mol velocity and this relates to the 4E-14 meter distance between each point position within the He-BEC at time zero. This provides the negative time dilation of inflation and is therefore responsible for the expansion of the universe. The negative time dilation is what is strange because it is faster than light speed. A warp drive and quantum leap ahead. Such a technological advancement means we are breaking through the time barrier in atomic physics and revealing the processes of atomic decay are functionally important in the motion of particles in time at distance. So motion through space time can in fact occur at faster than light speeds.
Can we therefore create time travel devices that shift time lines. The simple answer is yes. The understanding of the memory model I have developed see Christ | isotope physics model, where certain atoms within the mind when they decay through alpha particle emission the observer sees within the Lyman lines and the spectral properties are of sprites released in atomic decay corresponding to future events in one's life. So it is the mind's light atomic decay processes that are functionally useful or seeing into the future.
My products gave me this vision. Why? Well the hydroxyl radical breaks open the aromatic ring of the neurotransmitter and this is what is housing the light of the isotope. Its release gives the vision. It is the hydroxyl radical hydroxylation system that generates MGO and DHA, found in Manuka honey that is supporting the nootropic benefits of the product in the physics of light within the subconscious mind. It is outside of the neuron in the extracellular matrix space. It is the atomic light tunnelling functionality of the neurotransmitter in the production of the isotope via hydrogen quantum tunnelling that gives the light we see (Balmer line electron transitions) a functional connection to memory in isotope formation in the aromatic ring system of neurotransmitters.
The Deja Vue experience is fundamental to atomic time reversal symmetry in the atomic decay of the isotopes. The conscious mind requires this delay period to integrate the experience of reality leading one to conclude that consciousness resides in the past. This is confirmed through neurological studies where sight confirms the expected outcome from the physics of isotope decay in the subconscious mind in order to functionally move the body, the thought of movement occurs in the mind before the action is observed by consciousness.
This feedback loop provides the understanding of how sight is used to train the physics of atomic decay to produce the desired outcome. The will appears to be directional depending on the focus and concentration and training to impart functional changes into the body in order to obtain the desired outcome. By using the technologies developed you can increase the strength of your will power and function at a higher cognitive level for longer.